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Best of Wachau

Best of Wachau

Wachau - World Heritage Region

  • The Wachau, west of Aggstein castle ruins (Source: Wikipedia - Wolfgang Glock)
  • View of the eastern Wachau (Source: Wikipedia - Xell)
  • View of the western Wachau (Source: Wikipedia - Locin)

In the year 2000, the Wachau Cultural Landscape, including Melk and Göttweig monasteries, as well as the historic old town of Krems, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Wachau is a region flanking a little over 30 kilometers of the Danube between Krems and Melk.

The Wachau straddles the border between two areas of Lower Austria, the Mostviertel to the south and the Waldviertel to the north. Also part of the Wachau is a side valley of the Danube, the Spitzer Graben.

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Best of Wachau